Wednesday, November 29, 2006

First Attempt

Hello everyone...

This is my first blog at the new site. I am going to be keeping this one strictly on political topics, and on the peace movement. In addition I will be specializing to some degree on topics of interest to Veterans For Peace. This will be both nationally, and to particular projects and events sponsored by or participated in by our local chapter here in San Diego, The Hugh Thompson Memorial Chapter, or Chapter 91 of Veterans For Peace. That said, in no way is this blog affiliated with Veterans For Peace, and the opinions expressed here are mine alone, and are not necessarily endorsed by Veterans For Peace.

If you are a friend, or have a casual interest in some of my off the wall poetry or my personal stuff, that site will remain active. If you are interested in my previous posts, please go to my old blog.

To start with, for this blog I will repost the video of Lt Watada's speech at the National Convention of Veterans For Peace in Seattle, Washington, in August of 2006.

Part One:

Part Two:

This video I find personally very moving. This young man's principles and his courage in sticking to them should inspire us all.

That's all for now, this post is a bridge from old to new, so I thought I would just repost the essential content from the last of the old blog, and move on from here.